Traffic-Paid (PPC, PPV)

Are you interested in guaranteeing yourself loads of leads at a set cost?  Want to take advantage of all the leads sitting out there searching for products in your market?  Then PPC (Pay Per Click) is the answer.

PPC Campaign Creation

If you do not currently have a PPC campaign for your business, then you will need us to set one up for you. There are many factors that affect how successful your campaign is, and we will take all of them into account when we create your campaign.

Once we get underway, we will have questions about your industry and business, and speak with you at length to figure out which direction to take your campaign. Then we will figure out a reasonable budget and get your campaign created. We offer campaign management as well for a monthly fee (see to the right), where we will take care of your campaign on a regular basis and keep it optimized to not only keep your costs down, but profits up.

Ready to break into a huge untapped pool of targeted leads? Get in touch with us so we can get a better idea of your business and tell you what it will entail.

PPC Campaign Management

ManagementMany business owners don’t have the time to manage their own campaign. Our management services are your solution. While you are busy running your business and managing the new profits that the campaign brings in, we are busy optimizing your campaign to make sure you get the most out of it.

The campaign management consists of the following:

  • Periodic updates of the campaign keywords
  • Elimination of any non-performing words
  • Optimization of cost-per-click costs
  • Search for managed placements on frequently visited industry websites
  • Monthly reports detailing performance of the campaign

We charge a monthly recurring fee for our PPC management. Each campaign and business is different, so contact us for a detailed quote.