Online Video Marketing

Internet video has joined search engine marketing and email marketing as a pillar of any effective marketing effort.

We provide online video marketing services in three formats:

  • Running Stills – a low-cost video marketing format that uses still photos to create online video at a very low cost.
  • Animated Video – a step up from our Running Stills videos yet not as expensive as a professionally produced documercial.
  • Professional ‘Documercials’ – which are a great relationship selling tool with professional production value.

Every Video We Produce Includes:

  • Online video upload and optimization
  • Professional editing
  • Professional voice acting as needed
  • Royalty-free pro quality music and sound effects as needed

We also provide video hosting services for a nominal fee, and every video we produce is delivered to you in digital format so that you can re-purpose at any time. Our clients retain full copyright to every video we make.

Why Work With An Internet Marketing Company To Make A Video?

Some of our clients wonder why they would work with an internet marketing company rather than directly with a production company. The short answer is that your video is going to succeed or fail based on how it performs online – production, while also important, is secondary to marketing. Just like you don’t buy tires before you buy a car, you shouldn’t purchase video production before you consult with a video marketing professional.

Contact us to discuss your video marketing ideas and goals. From video production to video hosting to video search engine optimization, eMarketingDoctor will help you market your business online.

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