Strategic Marketing Consulting

Our strategic marketing consulting division was created to give business owners an insight to our knowledge and access to our minds.  It’s hard to stay up to date with the best strategies and techniques to market your business and we are here to provide you with help.

Traffic Leverage Analysis

Already have a website that is receiving traffic?  Are you monetizing that traffic effectively?  Do you know how to monetize it the correct way?

Our traffic leverage analysis exists to answer the questions on what to do with your website.  Let us install traffic tracking software and figure out the best methods for your business to profit off your website’s visitors.

We will research high and low to see how others in your field make the most out of their traffic and try to improve on the methods.

Stop letting that traffic run through your website without profiting.  Get us started on your traffic analysis and watch each visitor bring increasing profits to your business.

Online Campaign Development

If you are unsure which of our services you need, or are unsure which way to take your online campaign, let us develop one for you. We can develop a comprehensive online marketing campaign for you that will include the services we offer that we think would fit your business.

We custom develop each campaign to the needs of the business owner. We take into account the businesses real life sales process, the type of inventory, and many more factors which help us to analyze exactly how to proceed with your campaign.

Customers that allow us to develop a campaign for them will get discounts on marketing services.

Name Branding & Image Development

What comes to mind when you think of the brands that you use on a daily basis? You probably have a pretty distinct idea of what they offer and what benefit they have to you as well as being able to relay those ideas to others.

Major corporations around the world spend millions on name branding and image development. It should be a primary goal of every business to portray themselves in the correct light.

Our name branding and image development services can do just that for you. It includes a one hour consultation in order for us to figure out which way you want to take your business. We will research relevant companies and organizations that you should be networking with in order to portray the image you want. We will also compare your image and name branding to other successful companies in your field in order to see how you stack up to them.

We will also analyze your business structure, products and services offered and the overall value of your business and give our input. We will help you to find offline resources and locations to advertise your business at that will help your brand get to where it needs to be.